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Travelbiz - 2 publications for 2021 - Travelbiz Desktop Diary and Travelbiz on line Trade Directory.


Our 2021 Travelbiz Diary is a limited desktop edition as a result of a year and time our Industry will never forget. This very special publication will be with you all very soon via the all new Travelbiz Buzzbee VW with some other Travelbiz goodies. Our 2021 special one-off diary only publication is a mark of industry solidarity and gesture of our continued support and ongoing efforts to re-engage and get back to what we all do best. We will get through this, so use your all new Travelbiz Diary to record your progress and how we as an industry worked together through these challenging times.

Our comprehensive 2021 on line directory for the very first time is now available on line for you to view CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

The Travelbiz Directory is the single most important source of contacts and information for the Irish Travel Industry and is free for you to use, view and share.

We will get to you all as soon as circumstances allow us to do so and will commence our mailing service and distribution as soon as possible. Keep a look out for the all new Travelbiz Buzzbee VW.

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Travelbiz - 2 publications for 2021
Travelbiz - 2 publications for 2021
Travelbiz - 2 publications for 2021

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