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Worldchoice Dubai Fam...Dooby Dooby Do Dubai...Day 2

29th September 2017 - 4:00pm

Carol Anne O'Neill (Worldchoice) Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) Ian Collins (Strand Travel Waterford)

Carol Anne O'Neill (Worldchoice) Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) Ian Collins (Strand Travel Waterford)

Jacinta Mc Glynn (Senior Reporter Travelbiz) reports ....Peter Friedrich (TraveCube) and Carol Anne O’Neill (Worldchoice) laid on a brilliant tour of Dubai and the group had some of the best city views one could imagine. The skyline in Dubai reminded me of Gotham City (during my last visit!) with skyscrapers clutching at the horizon and utterly amazing architecture at every juncture. Stunning mosques, breathtaking private villas, luxury cars like Maseratis and Porches, designer stores – all of these outward signs of wealth are the norm amongst the super rich here. Dubai intends to have all the Wonders of the World here soon – both ancient and modern – as tourism is extremely important.


Although the capital Abu Dhabi (just 1.5 hours away) which prides itself on business acumen is actually richer than Dubai, it seems to allow Dubai to show off just a bit! So, we enjoyed a tour of Dubai museum to highlight how the locals lived and worked before they struck oil (the price of petrol here is 40 US cent per litre, by the way...), then we crossed the Creek on a local abra (water taxi) to Deira or Old Dubai to wander the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk where really became Dubai or Not to Buy! Stay away from those gold bangles, Carol Anne! Lunch was hosted in the beautiful Oberoi Hotel where Anirudh Kandpal (Director of Sales & Marketing) showcased the hotel’s lovely rooms and stupendous suites where a Sheikh could bring a couple of wives and children and still have space and privacy. Mmmnnnn.

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Carol Anne O'Neill (Worldchoice) Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) Ian Collins (Strand Travel Waterford)
Lobby Palazzo Versace Hotel
Onur Gul (Turkish Airlines) Kersty Costello (Grogan Travel Tuam) Jill Mikalauskiene (Navan Travel) Joan Mc Nally (Manning Travel)
The group are going up the Creek!
Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) Andrea Westgate (Tully's Travel)
Group at Burj al Arab
Local ‘Gotham City’
Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) Anirudh Kandpal (Sales & Marketing Director Oberoi Hotel)
Shane Coburn (Donabate Travel) Anirudh Kandpal (Oberoi Hotel) Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) Ian Collins (Strand Travel) Audrey Gilchrist (Fahy Travel)
Local colour
Local abra (water taxis)

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