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Travelbiz Interviews Hesti Rialita Elvandari (CEO/Tour Guide G Adventures)

12th May 2018 - 11:50am

How long have you been working with G Adventures and how did you achieve CEO/Tour Guide Status in the company?

I have been working in tourism for ten years and have been with G adventures for the last three years.  While I was in university, I worked as a local guide then I became a tour guide for Java and Bali trips. After that I joined a German tour company as tour leader. I met some G Adventures CEOs along the way and they were all male, so I assumed that G Adventures didn't accept any females as CEO’S. I talked to one CEO and he told me to apply, which I did, and became the first female CEO from Indonesia.


What does your experience bring to the customer?

I love to give my clients an authentic experience and insights to countries that we travel to as much as possible, by visiting the highlights, also doing fun activities, bringing them to the Planeterra project; this will create memorable moments for their holiday. I also do orientation walks in the places that we visit, go to local markets, mingle with the locals, trying local foods. I even invite them for lunch at my mom's house whenever I am doing trips to Java, because that’s where I come from. I just love to give my best to my travellers. Create happiness and community! That’s one of G Adventures core values.


What is your typical Client? Or is there such a thing?

My travellers come from all around the world, from age 18 upwards.


What do you think of Ireland?

I love Ireland. When I arrived in Dublin I felt that the air was so fresh and the city was so vibrant. John showed me around and told me so much about Ireland, I definitely want to come back again one day.


Have you shared your experiences with other members of the trade in other locations? If so, how do they compare to the Irish trade?

I was in the UK and the trade was great there, I love speaking with our travel partners in Ireland, people are so friendly and bubbly.


What is your favourite Destination and why?

Flores and Komodo Island, in Indonesia. I lead a trip there too,’ G Adventures Best of Flores and Komodo’. Flores is the most beautiful place on earth, the people are so friendly, the nature is so beautiful and if you go trekking at Komodo cruise, it feels like you are traveling to Jurassic park, especially if you meet the Komodo dragons. They are amazing creatures. 


Would you consider yourself a lucky person?

Yes I am, I am so grateful to be the first female CEO from Indonesia and G Adventures, which gives me so many opportunities to grow.

I don't like my Job, I LOVE IT!


Why should someone try a G Adventures experience?

G Adventures gives you more than a holiday, we give you an experience, by travelling with G Adventures you are also giving so much to the local community and changing so many people’s lives.

We have 51 G for Good programmes around the world that are included on our trips, not only do you see the beauty of the countries that you visit, but you are also changing the world, making it a little bit better.

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