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Trade Petition Launched to Support our Industry

27th August 2020 - 1:30pm

Linda Jones (The Travel Boutique) 

Linda Jones (The Travel Boutique) 


Linda Jones (The Travel Boutique) launched an online petition this week to get as many travel industry members to sign and support, which she will then present to TD’S and government representatives that have been lobbied by trade representatives. Don Shearer met with Linda last week when she made it very clear that this petition is not about her or the Travel Boutique. “We are looking for a message of solidarity and a collective voice from the Industry.”


Travelbiz wholeheartedly supports this initiative and has launched our new Facebook “Support Our Travel Trade” #Traveltradetogether profile frame which we would encourage you to use and share with all of your industry colleagues.


Please CLICK HERE and support our industry.

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