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Tom O’Donohoe 1961- 2020

24th April 2020 - 11:00am

Tom O’Donohoe 1961- 2020

Tom O’Donohoe 1961- 2020

It’s with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Tom O’Donohoe after a short illness. We share with you a heartfelt tribute to Tom O’Donohoe from Derek Pheasey (Director Strand Travel Corporate) and all of the Strand Travel Staff in Waterford.


“I first met Tom O'Donohoe in the early 80's. I worked in Harvey Travel at the time, and Tom, of course, was in the competition Strand Travel.


I never really knew Tom then, but would have had a better relationship with his sister Catherine RIP.


It was not until January 1994 when I joined Strand Travel as General Manager that I really got to know Tom. He turned out to be a very funny character with a great sense of humour, whilst I was of a little more of a serious disposition. In time, we began to really spark off each other, and we worked very well together.... nearly like the Good Cop Bad Cop scenario.


In late 2002, following an illness, Catherine decided to retire from business, and I was invited to become a director of the company, which I was delighted to accept. Unfortunately, in March of 2003, Catherine passed away. Those in the trade who knew Catherine would all say that she was a Lady in every way.


After Catherine's death, Tom really threw himself into his work, and I always felt that it was as though he wanted her to be proud of the achievement that they had both set out to start with Strand Travel.


Tom always had a smile on his face, he never saw a problem; only a solution.


As one trade colleague mentioned to me today, he would call into the office and chat with Tom, he would then be directed up to meet with me, whilst Tom was pulling up details of a favour or something else that he needed. He would then be nabbed by Tom before he left the office having agreed to Tom's requests.


He was an infectious character, loved by his family, and by everyone in the trade, and loved by his staff. Most of our staff have been working with us for over 20 years.... that in itself says a lot.

The number of phone-calls, texts, emails and messages that I have had since [Thursday] afternoon is phenomenal and is a testament to his standing in the trade, and in the business community in Waterford and beyond.


Tom was generous to a fault. He was kind and loving. He was my friend!

We will all miss him. Rest in Peace Tom”.

Derek Pheasey, Director Strand Travel Corporate


Don Shearer expressed his condolences, saying “On behalf of all the team at Travelbiz and our trade partners, readers and followers, I would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Thomas, Yvonne, Moira and all of the family and closely-knit team of Strand and O’Donohoe Travel in Waterford, Wexford and Arklow”. 


He added, “The calls that I have received from members of the trade to express their grief is testament to the popularity and love of the man who always had a bit of devilment in his smile and a comment along the lines of “And the problem is?”  We will all miss you Tom and may the fairways of your new adventure bring you plenty of birdies”.


Rest in Peace Tom, you will be sorely missed.

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Tom O’Donohoe 1961- 2020
Tom O’Donohoe 1961- 2020
Tom O’Donohoe 1961- 2020
Tom O’Donohoe 1961- 2020
Tom O’Donohoe 1961- 2020

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