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Scuba Diving

7th November 2022 - 7:14pm

The Coasts of Malta are a scuba divers paradise with an abundance of reefs, stunning caverns, and wrecks and with 100 sites collectively, Malta is the perfect place to dive.

Both PADI and BSAC have offices on the islands and the PADI license can be started by those as young as 10 whilst the BSAC can be done by those 12 and over.

For many years archaeological excavations have taken place off the Maltese shores and discoveries range from a 2,700-year-old Phoenician wreck, the oldest in the Med, to WW1 battleships and aircraft crash sites.  The most popular of these sites being HMS Maori, sunk in 1942 by German air raid as well as MV Imperial Eagle and Patrol Boat 31, both purposefully scuttled to create artificial sites.

Natural sites such as Reqqa Reef in Gozo , the Coral Gardens in Silema; offer amazing photographic experiences and The Middle Reef in Ghar Lapsi; is great for beginners, and where you can see also spot sea bream and moray eels. The archipelago ensures that anyone and everyone have something to enjoy in the underwater world.

The Blue Hole of Gozo, a deep cave with ample marine life and The Blue Dome, similarly in Gozo, create a stunning visual effect with its raised cathedral like ceiling, giving divers of all abilities the chance to explore. The Star of the show however is The Statue of Christ, a 3-metre tall statue which was commissioned to commemorate Pope John Pauls arrival to the island in 1990.

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