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27th September 2019 - 10:23am

Perhaps it’s because we live on an island that Irish people love to travel or maybe it’s the 4 weeks annual leave and 9 public holidays each year that motivates the Irish to travel as much as possible. Whatever the reason for corporate or leisure, there is no doubt the potential revenue earnings that this market offers. The difficulty is trying to cut through the vast array of competing travel products. ATTS Travel Representation Solutions through our well established business connections and focussed sales approach can position your brand as a market leader faster than anyone else.

Our GSA Representation services are results orientated and have proven to be a cost effective solution in establishing and maintaining our client’s presence within the marketplace.

Through our team of experienced travel and marketing professionals with many years of combined travel experience, ATTS consistently exceeds Client and Partner expectations, achieving greater awareness and market share for our TRAVEL REPRESENTATION clients through strong sales results and unique marketing solutions.

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