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Optimize and Increase Your Earnings with Dynamic Hotel Commission

12th October 2018 - 12:37pm

Expedia TAAP offers you the ability to optimize and increase your commission earning. All TAAP Affiliates can access the Dynamic Hotel Commission Programme. The dynamic hotel commission tiers are identified by the number of Bars. The more bars showing the higher the commission paid!

Search for hotels in premium and premium plus commission tiers to maximise your earnings, and the best part is your client will not pay more for it! If you utilize the new dynamic hotel commission programme to its maximum benefit, you can earn more commissions than before. Expedia TAAP affiliate agents can earn commissions through Expedia’s broad selection of travel products. For example, Flights, Hotel bookings with optional Package Rates, Flight + Hotel packages combined, Car Hire and Things to Do. That is, all the products on Expedia TAAP are commissionable.

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