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Ode to the Boss by Jacinta McGlynn!

15th May 2020 - 2:00pm

Jacinta Mc Glynn (

Jacinta Mc Glynn (


Hey, bit of self-indulgence here for Mr Shearer, but Travelbiz had to publish this uplifting poem by senior award-winning reporter Jacinta Mc Glynn.


“We all question our methods and madness in the best and toughest of times and no tougher than right now for us all. This has made my day Jacinta Mc Glynn and makes all that Travelbiz is doing throughout these crazy times all the more rewarding”, shared Don Shearer.



Don’s address (and not SlieveRue!) brings lots of cheer

To travel bods whom we hold dear

You address the nation to spread elation

And bring a smile to rank and file

Your positive vibe keeps us alive

And dancing queens will sure survive

If disco mania is your thing

Then zoom in later for a fling!

The scenery falls around your head

But you talk to us of staying well-fed

Your country “estate” looks just like Kew

So Rose should really take a pew

Keep up the posts and give ‘em wellie

It’s definitely better than the telly!

To words of doggerel you may be averse

And wish to God they were better rehearsed

But thank you Don, it’s not in vain

At the end of the day, you keep us sane.

Not all heroes wear capes and Leo was right

But for heaven’s sake, don’t appear in tights!

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