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“Miami's Nice” -Bookabed and British Airways VIP Miami “Sun and Fun Fam”

26th March 2018 - 2:50pm

Bookabed & British Airways VIP Miami “Sun and Fun Fam”

Bookabed & British Airways VIP Miami “Sun and Fun Fam”

Having arrived in Clubworld style on the incredible A380 direct from London Heathrow the group were transferred by the guys from Shuttle D’Luxe to the Trump National Doral Hotel.  The full service BA business class flight from Dublin was a great way to start with a few bubbles to help the group transfer through Terminal Five to the British Airways lounge before boarding the upper deck of the Airbus A380. The Clubworld upper deck service and comfort was simply amazing. Our first night in the Trump National Hotel in the Ben Hogan Villa was followed by a site inspection, VIP breakfast and then it was off for a golf and spa day.

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Bookabed & British Airways VIP Miami “Sun and Fun Fam”
Funny looking magazine!
Welcome to the Trump Doral Miami Style
Martin Skelly and Tara Magee (BA) at the Trump Hotel Doral.
Trump Doral Miami Hotel.
Welcome to the Trump National Doral Miami.
VIP Breakfast time Trump Doral Miami
Sure you would have to sample the beer!
Trump Doral Miami Golf courses and tennis courts
It’s Don Shearer with the BA & Bookabed group
Keith Chuter and Tara Magee (BA)
The three amigos
Tara Magee (BA) welcomes the group to the BA business lounge in Heathrow
BA A380 Clubworld - Amazing! Upper deck
The group in the Trump Doral Miami

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