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Making a difference

13th November 2020 - 1:00pm

Don loves his Hula Hoops

Don loves his Hula Hoops


Nice to know you can make a difference

What we are going through in our much loved industry is not easy and I made a conscious decision from the outset to do what I do best and stay positive, motivate, communicate and share those messages with you all as often as I can. Every day I hope that I have made a difference or managed to put a smile or bring a glimmer of hope to you all.

This week I received a big and delicious endorsement of all that I do from an old colleague and friend who closed a chapter on her amazing career in our Industry a couple of weeks ago. I am genuinely blown away and just wanted to share this with you all. Thank you so much Sharon Mack. I will be diving into this basket of goodies over the weekend. Never stop believing what you do can make a difference and bring some sunshine through this haze of uncertainty.

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