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Irish Travel Trade Rally Behind Trade Petition

27th August 2020 - 2:30pm


A petition, led by Linda Jones and Carole Smith, to highlight the Irish travel trade is gaining significant support and at time of going to print (10am Thursday), it had already secured in excess of 2,200 signatures.


The petition will be presented to the Irish government so let’s get as much momentum, support and signatures as we can. On the website, numerous comments have been left sharing the support needed for our industry and the challenges faced and the effort put in to look after customers and the strain on livelihoods. It highlights how the vast majority of businesses in this sector are small family run businesses providing local employment around the country. This wasn’t reckless trading, this was unforeseeable (unfathomable) events impacting the entire economy but especially a small, hard-working industry with a specialty in travel. This little industry that supports people travelling whether a summer holiday or a business trip, a special occasion like a honeymoon or to visit loved ones across the seas.


As a small peripheral economy on the edge of Europe and with Brexit on the horizon. We need to connect with other countries, we need to build relationships, share skills, gain experience and expertise. We need to travel abroad and equally attract others to our shores. Whether by land or sea, travel is two-way.


We understand the mantra of staycations, to stay safe and flatten the curve. We need to find a way to live with the virus, to protect the vulnerable in our society, to support our front line and healthcare staff. We equally need to protect the economy, to protect jobs, livelihoods, businesses. We need to find a balance that does the best it can for everyone. In the meantime, we are asking for support, support to buy us time for when we can travel again.


As part of this campaign, we have launched a Facebook “Support Our Travel Trade” #Traveltradetogether profile frame which we would encourage you to use and share with all of your Industry colleagues. There has been tremendous support thus far, let’s help it spread!


To enable the frame, just click on your profile picture on Facebook and select ‘add frame’. If you don’t see the ‘Support Our Travel Trade’ frame, then type ‘travel trade together’ in the search bar and it will appear. If you are having issues, contact us at and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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