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ITAA Benevolent Fund Raises €7,000

1st May 2020 - 1:30pm

Pat Dawson (ITAA CEO) & John Spollen (ITAA President)

Pat Dawson (ITAA CEO) & John Spollen (ITAA President)


ITAA Benevolent Fund Camino Hike Fundraisers won’t be hiking this weekend which was to be the inaugural departure of the ITAA Benevolent Fund’s Camino Walk. Almost 30 Irish trade were to travel to Santiago de Compostella on a 5-day journey through the ‘Portuguese’ Camino covering c.80k. Sponsors included Caminoways (tour of Santiago & dinner), dinner (Galician Tourist Board) and Aer Lingus (checked bags & seat selection).


Each hiker committed to raising €1,000 each to cover the trip (done at cost) and a generous contribution to the travel agent’s charity. Regrettably, Covid-19 forced the trip’s cancellation, however, the ‘Good People of The Camino’ still raised a fantastic c.€7,000. Most waived their original deposits and more had been very active in fundraising through friends and relatives.

 This charity exists for you and your colleagues. Hopefully you will never need it, however, it does help a lot of travel people (quietly) every year. It is entirely funded by voluntary donations and funds received have been much less than outgoings for some time. This makes the Camino Walk Fundraiser such an important source of income. 


There will be another ‘Camino’ organised for next year and if you are in a position to raise €1,000 please book a place. In the meantime, you can donate anytime. If your business is doing well, please consider a corporate donation. Everything received is extremely welcome and will go 100% to those who need it most. Just contact one of the Trustees -  Barry Walsh (JWT), Bepi Gaidoni (BCD), Audrey Headon (Headon Representation), Frances Grogan (Grogan Travel), Maria Dilworth (Blackpool Travel) and John Galligan (JGT).


If you know of anyone enduring hardship, this fund is there to help. Contact one of the Trustees if help is needed. They work in absolute confidence, so you will never hear of the work they do in helping travel people in need. When the after-effects of this virus become apparent, there may be a lot of people needing support, assistance and a touch of kindness.


Well done to those who booked for Thursday’s departure, particularly those who donated their deposits and raised funds. Sorry you didn’t get the walk but all involved hope to see you next time. You did make a very valuable contribution to a really important charity. Keep well and safe. 

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Pat Dawson (ITAA CEO) & John Spollen (ITAA President)
ITAA Charity Camino

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