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Georgia & the Carolinas – Host Trade to a Rib Eating Contest!

17th September 2015 - 9:30am

Getting stuck into the ribs

Getting stuck into the ribs

Georgia and North & South Carolina were in Dublin with a large delegation from their states to increase sales from the Irish market.    Georgia is run in the UK and Ireland by the well known and liked Peter Hanniford (he paid Travelbiz to say that...not money just a burger!) and of course Travelbiz’s old friend Tracy Vaughan who is in charge in Georgia.   Firstly they hosted the media/press at a super lunch in Fire (next door to Mansion House) and then in the evening there was a trade night in Pitt Bros (South Great Georges Street) which is a BBQ style eatery similar to those in Georgia and the Carolinas.   Then it was Man-v-Food or even Ladies-v-Food!    There was a Rib Eating contest which was won by Roger Barrett (Travel Counsellors) with Paddy Dunne (American Holidays) and Mary Oman (American Holidays) as runners up, it was great craic but very messy!   Derek Dunne (Travel Counsellors) won 2 tickets to Georgia with Virgin in the draw.   It was a very enjoyable night.

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Getting stuck into the ribs
Tracy Vaughan (Georgia Tourism on right) at the start
Ciara Foley (Platinum Travel) and Kristin Skinner (American Holidays)
Peter Hannafort (Georgia Tourism)
Kristin Skinner (American Holidays) looks worried about the ribs!
The cheering commences
Roger Barrett (Travel Counsellors) starts
Roger Barrett (Travel Counsellors) races on...!
Paddy Dunne (American Holidays) catches up
Roger Barrett (Travel Counsellors) is the winner!
Cathy Cullen (Tour America) wins a prize
Holly Best (Virgin Atlantic) draws her prize
Derek Dunne (Travel Counsellors) receives his tickets to Atlanta from Holly Best (Virgin Atlantic)
The Ribs contest winners with the hosts
Duane Parrish (South Carolina), Tracy Vaughan (Visit Georgia) and William Tuttell (Visit North Carolina)
The Georgia and North & South Carolina hosts
Tracy Vaughan (Visit Georgia) and Finola Cunningham (US Embassy)

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