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7th November 2022 - 7:12pm

Malta is a culinary dream with the many cultures that conquered the island helping to create a unique gastronomic blend. Stuffat tal-Fenek, (Rabbit Stew) is the national dish and a fixture of popular celebrations. Gbejniet; a local soft or hard cheese is also very popular especially in Ravjul, the local Ravioli style pasta. Being an island, Malta also has a fair share of fish dishes with Lampuki; Mahi Mahi being served in pies or simply fried.

Malta also has its local on the go food called Pastizzi; little stuffed pastries filled with cheese or crushed peas. Looking for something a bit more substantial then the Ftira is the classic working-class dish which uses earthy leftovers and is popular with all. To wash that down one recommends Kinnie , a bitter orange soft drink or a nice pint of Cisk Lager or Pale Ales showcasing the English influence on the island.

With 5 Michelin Star establishments, high class cuisine is growing ever more popular and shows of exhibits the best of Malta’s past and infuses it with modern techniques whilst using the freshest local produce.

Finally, Wines. Malta and Gozo have a unique yet ample list of over 40 wines that are near impossible to find outside the island as the low amounts produced due to the islands size mean that almost all wine is consumed locally and making it a must at any meal. Vibrant and full-bodied reds accompany crisp whites that perfectly pair with the amazing food on offer.

For more Malta magic keep reading!

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