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Flexible Autos hit the road (!) visiting Irish Agents

12th August 2017 - 11:30am

Best4Travel in Navan

Best4Travel in Navan

Over the past few weeks, the Flexible Autos Team(represented by ATTS) in Dublin visited travel agencies all over Ireland providing tips and tricks for selling car hire in this seasonally busy month! Armed with tote bags, the sales team arrived in the offices to surprise the hard working agents with a variety of pens, car fresheners and car shaped stress balls.   While there, the team was able to explain to the agencies about the benefits of using Flexible Autos, and cleared up any queries that current users had.   This month, Flexible Autos are running a promotion for agencies where they can earn up to €10 on every booking they make.   The sales team made sure that agencies knew to take advantage of such a great offer!

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