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Dance In Date - Don’t be Late!

1st May 2020 - 1:00pm

‘Don Timberlake’, Bringing Dance-In Back! 

‘Don Timberlake’, Bringing Dance-In Back! 


Don Shearer and the Travelbiz team will be bringing sexy back, well, bringing back the Dance-in this Friday at 6.30pm. This week we’ll be getting down to the best of the 2000’s to make sure we all banish the Corona blues before the Bank Holiday weekend!

Like or comment on the Facebook post and Travelbiz will send you out a Dance-in invite for our 15 minute get together this Friday over Zoom. Don't forget to mention what classic tunes from the 2000’s that you would like to hear!

Stay safe, stay well and stay in touch. Hope to see you Friday.


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