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Celine is making a date in the Travelbiz Desktop 2021 Diary

19th February 2021 - 12:30pm

Celine Kenny (GM Cruisescapes & Travel Escapes)

Celine Kenny (GM Cruisescapes & Travel Escapes)


The very lovely Celine Kenny (Cruisescapes & Travel Escapes) is delighted with her Travelbiz 2021 desktop diary. Celine is just hoping now to start filling it with travel events sooner rather than later.

If you would like a copy of the Travelbiz Desktop diary please email with your full postal address. We cannot dispatch unless we get your full postal address with Eircode please.

Take the opportunity to make a positive entry every day and use the publication to record how we got through this together.

Don’t forget the Travelbiz 2021 Trade Directory is on line for you to read and share by simply clicking HERE.

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As we battle our way through a time we shall never forget, there is light now that we didn’t have this time last year. As we prepare for the rebound and as vaccines are rolled out, we want to get industry opinion and reaction to share with you via our trade focused data base of subscribers and followers. Is the planned coronavirus vaccine passport the way ahead for our industry to get back on track?

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Closing date: 10th March 2021

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