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Breaking News: Thomas McNally set to leave Bedsonline

29th January 2018 - 1:00pm

Bedsonline have today announced that after 6 years with the brand, Thomas McNally is to depart his current position as Sales Manager for Ireland.  Thomas will be taking a new opportunity within the Travel Industry, although this new role will be taking him further afield.  

 “I have accepted a position within our group which will see me relocate to our Dubai Office in The United Arab Emirates. Our company is engaging in a rapid period of growth at this moment in time, so it is a fantastic opportunity for me to progress and gain a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the product and contracting side of the business.

I have had the most amazing six years working in the Irish Travel Industry, I have made great friends along the way, whom will be hard to say goodbye to. I was lucky enough to pick up three awards during my tenure, which was a huge personal honour. I have no doubt I will return to the Irish Travel Industry at some point in the future.

I would of course like to thank all of the agents whom have supported the Bedsonline brand and myself personally over the last six years. Your support has been pivotal to our growth, without your support, belief and of course bookings we are nothing. Thank you all so very much for entrusting me with your business.

I would also like to thank Bedsonline, in particular my manager, Tom Bell, for his support during my time in the Bedsonline role. We have had a hugely successful 6 years in Ireland, and I have no doubt that under Tom’s leadership and guidance that the brand will move onto the next level”


Don Shearer (CEO Travelbiz)

“It’s hard to believe it’s six years ago when I had the pleasure of meeting Thomas for the first time at the ITAA conference in Malaga City. No better way to baptise yourself into our amazing Industry. In that relatively short period of time Thomas has gained the support and respect from all quarters of our Industry bringing the Bedsonline brand to the fore, winning the friendship and trust from business partners and leaders on the Island of Ireland. His popularity is never in doubt as I only have to publish a business related story or event featuring Thomas and it goes viral! It’s a rare quality to achieve all that Thomas has in our Industry in such a short period of time and I know he will be sorely missed by us all. Continued success and we will follow and report on your progress with our Travelbiz reporters in Dubai! It’s never goodbye Thomas its good luck”

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