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Breaking Bread Literally & Figuratively!

9th April 2020 - 12:30pm

Shane Cullen ( doing his level best to flatten his curves

Shane Cullen ( doing his level best to flatten his curves


Shane Cullen (Head of Productions Travelbiz) reports from his kitchen.


“In what feels like another lifetime, I came across a gift in the press. As those of us in travel know, the goody bag at the end of a travel event is a lucky dip of pens, brochures, luggage tags, the odd pair of sunglasses or maybe something a little different (cowboy hat coasters come to mind...).


Anyway, as my mind wanders, I get back to my point… I rooted through the cupboard to avoid the trolley queues at the local supermarket over the weekend following Leo’s latest lock-down measures. I came across a Travel Corporation bread in a bottle. Check out the result of my efforts over the weekend!


As I waited for the bread to bake I reflected on the last few weeks.

I’ve passed the threshold of the end of my driveway once since the schools closed on the 13th and only to restock the presses and I’m very much doing my utmost to socially distance myself from everyone I can (and, at times, my three little kids which I can’t).


I’m very fortunate that I have an office connected to my home, I live in the outskirts of my town and am blessed with a garden so I can wander around that for fresh air. Having done it for years, let me share my top tips for working at home.


Set an alarm in the morning, set a time to be at your desk. Set an area, if you can, where you can work without family life distractions. Make sure you get dressed (though I love an odd pyjama day) as the new world of Skype or Zoom calls, you never know when you might need to jump on a video call, it also helps to focus the mind.


Make sure you eat. Sounds silly but there is a tendency to make sure you are always at the computer. It’s ok to log off and eat lunch or make a cup of coffee. Stay in touch with people. Working from home can be isolating, even more now. If I knew I wouldn’t see anyone all day, I used to pop down to the coffee shop at the end of the road, just to have a chat with whoever was around. Pick up the phone and ring someone.


Also, if you are facing a difficult customer (and after ten years of it, I can only imagine what the worst of them could be like right now), and you don’t have your colleagues to let off steam what I have done is emailed myself the response, waited a while, then rewrote it with calmer thoughts.


As the piping hot bread came out of the oven, we sat around and the kids marvelled at the outcome. A small feat and happy distraction for the family. Thanks to The Travel Corporation Ireland and, the bread was delicious.

Stay safe and sane, we’ll get through this together.”

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Shane Cullen ( doing his level best to flatten his curves
Ingredients at the ready!
Pouring out Mrs Tollman's bread in a bottle
All mixed up and ready for the oven
After 40 minutes the piping hot bread came out of the oven
A small feat and happy distraction for the family. Thank you TTC, the bread was delicious!

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