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BookABed and RCI host Worldchoice Agents in Galway.

12th August 2017 - 1:30pm

Lorraine Connelly, Rose Kane (Kanes Travel)

Lorraine Connelly, Rose Kane (Kanes Travel)

RCI and Bookabed hosted an agent’s appreciation dinner at Brasserie on the Corner in Galway for Worldchoice Ireland members in the West of Ireland.   Present were Lee Osborne (Sales Director Bookabed), Jennifer Callister (Sales Manager Ireland RCI) and Michaela Jane Banks (RCI Account Manager for Worldchoice) along with 30 Worldchoice staff members.

Jennifer Callister (Sales Manager Ireland RCI) commented, “We are delighted to host an extraordinary evening with our key travel agent partners from Worldchoice Ireland in the West and surrounding areas.   Cruising has never been more desirable and with the support of the trade, Royal Caribbean continues to surprise and excite both current guests and those who are new to cruise.   We recognise the importance of our partners and strive to provide them with the best training and information, as well as the industry leading incentives and offers we provide through our award-winning loyalty programme, Club Royal.   This evening is a great opportunity to, once again, show our gratitude to our agent partners.”

Lee Osborne said, “It was a great pleasure to co-host this event in Galway city, being a trade only company we rely solely on the travel agents in Ireland.   The support we get from our Worldchoice agents in the West is fantastic and going from strength to strength so we are delighted to be hosting tonight.

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Lorraine Connelly, Rose Kane (Kanes Travel)
Michael Kelly (Keller Travel) and Riona Burke (Grogan Travel)
Lee Osborne (BookABed), Emer McDermott (McDermott Travel), Maura Fahy (Fahy Travel) and Pearse Keller (Keller Travel)
Lee Osborne (BookABed), Caroline O’Toole (Fahy Travel) & Fiona Flaherty (Fahy Travel)
Lee Osborne (BookABed), Carol Anne O’Neill (Worldchoice), Michaela Banks & Jennifer Callister (both RCI)
The Corrib Travel Girls

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