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Blue Air press Fam to Romania – Viscri a remote medieval village in the heart of Transylvania

7th November 2017 - 1:25pm

The Lutheran church.

The Lutheran church.

Surely Viscri, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most beautiful off-the-beaten track tourist destinations of Romania. Situated in the heart of Transylvania it is like stepping back in time to a couple of centuries ago. In the 13th century the Saxons built a church which is still in use to this day by a handful of German speaking families living in the village. We were given a very interesting guided tour by Gerhild Gross, one of these remaining families.  Within the fortified walls is a museum featuring many interesting artifacts including a bunk type bed which is still used to this day where the parents sleep on the lower bed and their married son/daughter sleeps on the top bed with their spouse. We obviously asked the guide how children get conceived in such an unusual sleeping arrangement and were assured it was without difficulty as most couples have large families. The mind boggles! Prince Charles of Britain owns a house in the village and often visits as he supports their efforts at conserving the natural ecosystem and human cultural system.

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The Lutheran church.
An ancient water trough in the Viscri village.
Viscri village, Transylvania, Romania.
Free range turkeys at a Viscri village stall selling handcrafts.
A villager knits as she minds her shop.
Farm buildings in Viscri.
Fortified Church in Viscri.
Gerhild Gross and Radu Zahaire (both guides).
Steps to the top of the fortress.
View of Viscri village from top of fortress.
View of Viscri village from top of fortress.
Traditional bunk bed where parents sleep on the lower bunk and their married son/daughter sleep on the top bunk with their spouse.

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