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AmaWaterways – Lovin’ Cruising with Sunway

14th April 2018 - 2:20pm

Little piggy’s. Typical Slovakian restaurant menu!

Little piggy’s. Typical Slovakian restaurant menu!

Jacinta Mc Glynn (Senior Reporter Travelbiz) reports again from the banks of the Danube to bring you the latest in Sunway river cruise news. Goodbye Hungary (and a lovely show of traditional Magyar music and folk dancing) and good morning Slovakia! A brilliant tour of Bratislava, Slovakia’s miniature medieval capital (with only 462.000 inhabitants), was on today’s itinerary. Our guide was quirky and fun, just like many of the city’s super street sculptures and she explained how the pretty pastel colours of the buildings reflected the Slovaks desire to rid themselves of the dull greys of Communism and embrace Democracy.


The architecture, shop facades and paved streets are so attractively decorated that Hans Christian Anderson once remarked that locals had no need of his fairy tales because they already lived in one! The voyage with AmaWaterways is amazing in so many ways and, on board AmaViola, one is reminded that attention to detail is paramount. So far so fab Sunway. The romantic Danube flows past and we sail to Vienna later. I can hear the strains of Strauss in my ears.

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Little piggy’s. Typical Slovakian restaurant menu!
Magyar musicians on board
Disembarking AmaViola for Bratislava tour
Jacinta missed the bus!
Opera House
Legend asks if he is there to look up ladies' skirts!
Slovak Restaurant.
Our queen Bee. Jacinta Mc Glynn.

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