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Alan Sparling in Japan with ANA & JNTO

1st November 2019 - 4:30pm

The Rickshaw team have gone and left Alan and the team to hook up and get home

The Rickshaw team have gone and left Alan and the team to hook up and get home

Alan (ASM Ireland GSA FOR ANA) travelled from Dublin to Tokyo via Dusseldorf with ANA sampling their award-winning Economy Class. The quality and service of this product is something to shout about! “I have said it many times before, that an aircraft and it is the staff on-board can make all the difference between a good or excellent experience. I was very impressed with the ANA service delivery on-board, seats were comfortable, food was excellent and the ANA staff were extremely attentive”.


Upon arrival in Tokyo, Alan firstly visited the RWC2019 fanzone before jumping on a Bullet Train to Kyoto (2hrs away). Kyoto is a city of only 1.4 million people and the group first visited the grandiose Fortune Garden for a superb lunch and afterwards experienced a traditional tea making ceremony (Alan won the competition for the best made cup of cha). Dressed up in Kimono, the group walked to the Kiyomizu temple and later that evening, they had a traditional Japanese meal in the Gion District of Kyoto, which is renowned as the Geisha district. The meal and company of the Geisha was the absolute highlight of a magnificent day.


The Fam trip spent their second day in Kyoto, visiting the Tenryu-ji temple which has one of the most stunning Japanese Gardens in Japan. The group were then met by three energetic locals with Rickshaws, with an hour tour of the bamboo forest followed by yet another stunning traditional Japanese lunch. Sushi & Sashimi all the way! After lunch, it was straight to another temple where Alan was introduced to Zen Mediation by the temple priest, Yamada-san. It didn’t work for Alan, but he is dedicated to figuring it out back in Skerries!


One of the highlights of Kyoto is the Fushimi Inari shrine, which is Famous for its thousands of orange toril gates straddling a network of trails in the Wooded Forest. The group were then transferred to Osaka, only 40 minutes away and staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Osaka is known for its striking architecture, vibrant nightlife and hearty street food and is a city that simply has to be on your list of destinations to visit when in Japan. After sundown, the city is a visual attack on our senses and will not disappoint.

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Love the New Look, Alan Sparling in Japan
Don't mess with the Shogun Warrior that is Alan Sparling
It's Bullet Train Time to Kyoto! Can't beat the Dart
Alan Sparling meets a beautiful Geisha Girl
The Fushimi Inari Shrine
Amazing food at Kyo Suran
Osaka Nightlife, Japan
Speed merchant Alan Rickshaw style!!
Alan Sparling visits the Land of the Rising Sun
Tenryu Temple, Japan with Alan Sparling
Zen Meditation for Alan and the group. Another amazing day in the land of the rising sun
The Rickshaw team have gone and left Alan and the team to hook up and get home

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