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Air Canada makes the switch to Altea

13th November 2019 - 5:16pm

Air Canada will make the switch from its in-house reservation system RES III to Amadeus Altea overnight from 18th to 19th November.  The switch will happen over a 12-hour period overnight from 18th to 19th November EST. The time difference with Canada means that for Irish travel agencies and customers many Air Canada features in GDS systems and online will be unavailable (booking, seat reservations, ticketing etc) until after lunch on 19th November. Online check-in will be available. Air Canada is urging all travel agencies to clear any schedule changes, queued itineraries etc by 16th November to facilitate the changeover. Post cutover agencies will notice some changes.  The Air Canada vendor locator/PNR/Booking reference will change for existing bookings and Amadeus agencies will notice that it matches their Amadeus locator. In the weeks and months following cutover a host of new features will appear for booking Air Canada and make the booking and booking management experience for agencies and direct customers a lot more user friendly.

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