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25th September 2020 - 12:00pm

John Galligan (MD John Galligan Travel)

John Galligan (MD John Galligan Travel)


John Galligan (MD John Galligan Travel) posted this piece during the week which I am happy to share with you in this weeks Travelbiz E zine.


In a recent survey in the UK 80% of respondents said they would book with an agent in the future. 60% of people who usually book online said they would use an agent instead, next time. The reasons cited are problems associated with communications to online vendors, poor service levels, slow refunds, and a lack of financial security - unlike that provided by local travel agents.


In other words, the tide has gone out and people are beginning to see who has been swimming with no togs on!


Travel agents are friendly, human people who look after you. The financial security we offer, guarantees your money, regardless of what happens to us. In a crisis we call you. We don't hide behind web sites, chat bots or (worst of all) total silence.


Not everyone appreciates what we do but we are OK with that. The people who we look after know how valuable our service is and how little we charge for it.


JOHN GALLIGAN TRAVEL - warm & cuddly and your money is state-guaranteed

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