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Worldchoice Dubai Fam...Cruise up the Creek!

30th September 2017 - 10:20am

The Group at Atlantis Lost Chambers

The Group at Atlantis Lost Chambers

Jacinta Mc Glynn (Senior Reporter Travelbiz) reports from the futuristic city of Dubai where the skyline seems to change every moment! Dubai is definitely Gotham City – hard hat heaven! This city has bus stops with A/C and WiFi, so beat that, if you can! We leave the luxurious Palazzo Versace and head to another 5* beauty – Steigenberger Hotel in Downtown Dubai. Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) organised another fab evening and sent us up the Creek – literally! We had a cruise in Deira (old Dubai) on a traditional Dhow with dinner and floor show. Although the sailing vessel ran short of tonic water (mixer for non-alcoholic beverages, you understand), a motor boat was dispatched to fetch extra supplies. As you do. So, the Dhow was a wow!


A further adventure was in store with a trip to Lost Chambers of Atlantis. I defy any kid of any age not to be transported into realms of ecstasy with the amazing aquariums and incredible array of fish and sea creatures here. Jacques Cousteau, eat your heart out. I believe Onur Gul (Turkish Airlines), Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) and Carol Anne O’Neill (Worldchoice) found Nemo! Come and be a child again and experience an underwater world with magical marine life – you can almost touch the giant manta rays and reef sharks. Truly, Dubai is a world apart. Lunch was kindly hosted by Worldchoice then we headed back to the city to embark upon a desert jeep safari. When will this excitement end?

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The Group at Atlantis Lost Chambers
Louise Brennan (Club Travel) Joan McNally (Manning Travel Kilkenny) Lorraine Connolly (Kanes Travel Longford) Jacinta Mc Glynn (Travelbiz) Caroline Kerr (Atlantic Travel Letterkenny)
Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) checking us in at Steigenberger Hotel
Carol Anne O'Neill (Worldchoice) Onur Gul (Turkish Airlines)
Hard Hat Heaven!
Joan Mc Nally (Manning Travel Kilkenny) Caroline Kerr (Atlantic Travel Letterkenny) Onur Gul (Turkish Airlines) Jill Mikalauskiene (Navan Travel) Peter Friedrich (TravelCube)
Group embarking on the Dhow cruise
Entertainment on board
Up the Creek! Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) Shane Coburn (Donabate Travel) Carol Anne O'Neill (Worldchoice) Jill Mikalauskiene (Navan Travel) Kersty Costello (Grogan Travel) Angie Westgate (Tully's Travel)
Rodeo Drive in Atlantis?
Aquarium entrance
Shane Coburn (Donabate Travel) Jacinta Mc Glynn (Travelbiz)
Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) How many fishies in my little dishy?
It's my manta ray!
Onur Gul (Turkish Airlines) Shane Coburn (Donabate Travel) Angie Westgate (Tully's Travel)
School time!
Onur Gul (Turkish Airlines) Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) with horseshoe crab
Ian Collins (Strand Travel Waterford) Lorraine Connolly (Kanes Travel Longford) Kersty Costello (Grogan Travel)

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