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Worldchoice Dubai Fam...Arabia Sands, Nemo & Belly Dancer!

30th September 2017 - 4:45pm

How Many Wives? Can you guess who they are?

How Many Wives? Can you guess who they are?

Jacinta Mc Glynn (Senior Reporter Travelbiz) reports.....Well, when we actually found Nemo (and we even found that Lost City of Atlantis!), Peter Friedrich (TravelCube) had no option but to send us from watery pursuits to sandy endeavours. So, we were desert bound. The sands of Arabia awaited and Lawrence was atop the camel. Off we went on a jeep safari and our driver, Ayed, was as fearless as they come. James Bond had nothing on him. Turban-clad and wearing a dish dasha as white as the driven snow, Ayed drove that Land Rover over dunes and up Matterhorn mountains of sand (well, perhaps slight exaggeration, but the pen of the author is mighty) and brought us to our destination shaken but definitely stirred (olives were optional). Adrenalin junkies and thrill seekers were well pleased. One group member (who shall remain nameless – what goes on tour stays on tour, but Kilkenny is a hint) commented that she would rather have all her teeth pulled out than go through the journey again.


Not for all the sands of Arabia..... Sultan Onur Gul (Turkish Airlines) and Sheikh Peter Friedrich loved every minute and are presently camel racing over the dunes whilst Sultana Carol Anne O’Neill (Worldchoice) is considering the purchase of a new camel, Bactrian preferably. A delicious desert feast followed and we were entertained by a belly dancer and certain other activities which might better be portrayed pictorially!  Off to “At the Top” today to visit Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Vertigo was conquered by all and we surveyed the city of Dubai from 125 floors up! What a vista. Then it was a Hop On Hop Off bus tour for some whilst others caught the rays poolside at our super Steigenberger Hotel in Downtown Dubai. The Steigenberger is centrally located and has every amenity necessary for business or leisure purposes. Modern and cutting edge, the hotel is a winner. We have dinner at the Ritz later, so I guess we’ll be putting on the ritz! This will be a fitting end to an absolutely fabulous Fam trip to Dubai which was high end and luxury all the way, courtesy of Turkish Airlines, TravelCube and Worldchoice.

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How Many Wives? Can you guess who they are?
Group in the desert
Onur Gul (Turkish Airlines) Ayed (driver) Carol Anne O'Neill (Worldchoice) Mohamed (driver) Jacinta Mc Glynn (Travelbiz) Peter Friedrich (TravelCube)
King of the desert! Onur Gul (Turkish Airlines)
Jacinta Mc Glynn (Travelbiz) Caroline Kerr (Atlantic Travel Letterkenny) Ayed (driver) Joan Mc Nally (Manning Travel)
Onur amongst the drivers
Shane Coburn (Donabate Travel) Carole Anne O'Neill (Worldchoice) Caroline Kerr (Atlantic Travel Letterkenny) Jill Mikalauskiene (Navan Travel)
One hump or two? Onur Gul (Turkish Airlines) Carol Anne O'Neill (Worldchoice)
Desert Rats!
El Sheikh Peter Friedrich (TravelCube)
Shish Pipe smokers (it is definitely herbal!)
Group ‘At the Top’ in Burj Khalifa

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