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Twelve Days of Travelbiz Christmas

14th December 2019 - 10:30am

Home Alone

Home Alone

To celebrate only 12 working days until Christmas, Travelbiz has put together a selection of our favourite Christmas movies with an alternative cast. Stay tuned to see who in the Irish Travel Trade has a double life as a Christmas Movie Star.


First up was our fearless leader Don Shearer who was originally cast as the lead in the Christmas Classic, Scrooged. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, he had to turn down the part and passed it onto his good friend, Bill Murray. Luckily we managed to get our hands on one of the original promo pics.


Next, Hammond is Home Alone. Did you know that Home Alone and the character of Kevin McAllister was actually based on Barry Hammond from Sunway? The true story goes that his parents left him behind when they went on a trip to Bunratty Castle. He later sold the rights to John Hughes at a very young age for the princely sum of two tickets to Funderland. Of course, the writers in Hollywood exaggerated the story and it grew legs to become the Christmas Classic that we all know and love.


Travelbiz’s third instalment of the Twelve Days of Christmas saw poor Brian Hynes under an awful lot of pressure this year. After helping to organise a fantastic event in Shanahans for the travel trade, he completely forgot to buy the Christmas presents! Hopefully, Sharon Jordan will let him out of the office early to pick up a Turboman for the kids before they are all sold out. Will he pull off a Christmas miracle and get the family sorted? I guess we will just have to watch Jingle All the Way to see how Brian and his shenanigans pan out.


Day four and coming soon to a cinema near you is the much-requested reboot of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. For the new version, the Roald Dahl estate wanted a fresh face, not a Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp type, someone with a bit of magic. Well, you guessed it, you can't think magic and not think of John Barrett from Magic Vacations. An absolute shoo-in for the role, let's hope the fame doesn’t go to his head!

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Home Alone
Jingle All the Way
John Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

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