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Turkish Airlines & G Adventures Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand Fam - Siam Reap....Wat do you mean ?

6th November 2017 - 4:20pm

Thomas ‘Spiderman’ O’Donohue (Strand Travel) enjoys a snack!

Thomas ‘Spiderman’ O’Donohue (Strand Travel) enjoys a snack!

Jacinta Mc Glynn (Senior Reporter Travelbiz) reports: Oh my Buddha, leaving Phnom Penh was a wrench, but the thought of Siam Reap (several hours journey away) was even more exciting. En route though, we had various pit stops and each one unique and interesting. Our first stop was an open market area where the locals cooked grubs, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders (enormous ones!) and frogs. Naturally, on a G Adventure, the challenge was to eat them! One brave soul took up the gauntlet. Later we stopped at the roadside to eat sticky rice in bamboo cooked over an open flame – delicious, although I can’t offer a verdict on the insects!


Voted a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Angkor Wat (Temple City) is one of the most extraordinary and stunningly beautiful architectural marvels imaginable. To visit Angkor Wat, we leave out hotel at 04.30 for sunrise at the temples. Unfortunately, heavy cloud cover prevented nature’s best performance, but views were still amazing. The series of many temples includes Jungle Temple (Tomb Raider where Angelina Jolie made the movie) and Angkor Thom. They are all thrilling in their own distinct way.


John Grehan (Ireland Manager G Adventures) informs me that the ethos behind the company is to promote local business and enterprise; to maintain poor villages and help them towards self sufficiency and to be eco-friendly and promote sustainable tourism. Very laudable and, so far, visible in the great hotels we’ve occupied (Hang Hac Hotel, Diamond Hotel and Ngara Angkor Hotel) where they’re locally owned and monies stay local and benefit the community. Later we go to New Hope Foundation, a charity where G Adventures is involved in helping schools and raising poverty levels.

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Thomas ‘Spiderman’ O’Donohue (Strand Travel) enjoys a snack!
Market ladies selling local insects and fruit.
Market ladies selling local insects and fruit.
Market ladies selling local insects and fruit.
Lynne Casey (Fahy Travel) Edel Flynn (Newbridge Travel) and Susan Hegarty (Travel Counsellors)
Night market Siam Reap
Street food
Sharon Harney (Cassidy Travel) and Alper Sean Hackett (Turkish Airlines)
Angkor Wat - one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World
Philip Airey (Sunway) and Chani Anderson (Trailfinders Cork)
John Grehan (G Adventures) and Alper Sean Hackett (Turkish Airlines)
Group at Angkor Wat
Sharon Harney (Cassidy Travel) Philip Airey (Sunway) and Jacinta Mc Glynn (Travelbiz)
Temple Sign
Monk giving blessings
Wat you hiding from? John Grehan (Ireland Manager G Adventures)
Monks in training
Group at Tomb Raider
Angkor Thom

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