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Turkish Airlines & G Adventures Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand Fam - Mekong Delta Cruise

6th November 2017 - 2:30pm

Angela Walsh (Travelfox Cork) Philip Airey (Sunway) and Sharon Harney (Cassidy Travel)

Angela Walsh (Travelfox Cork) Philip Airey (Sunway) and Sharon Harney (Cassidy Travel)

Jacinta Mc Glynn (Senior Reporter Travelbiz) reports: A wonderful meal last night, hosted by G Adventures, saw us on the 14th floor in Lemon Grass restaurant, which is voted amongst Asia’s top 101 restaurants. The adventure continues this morning with a boat trip on the Mekong Delta as we pass through villages and float by islands to see and experience local life and colour. A cruise on the Mekong is truly an iconic experience. We visit Coconut Island and Unicorn Island and eat tropical fruits, drink local tea and listen to traditional music.  We experience the husking of coconuts, a mini manufacturing candy process and, naturally, purchase some coconut products. Other by-products from the local apiary – royal jelly, honey tea and banana wine – are sampled; then a bit of ‘snaky’ business is attended to with a spot of python holding.


Well after all, when in Vietnam! Then we board flat boats and row through the narrow canals lined with banana palms and bamboo fronds. It was completely tranquil until we’re told to keep our hands in the boat – crocs and snakes in the water! On terra firma again, we set off on a tuk tuk ride around the island. Not sure who was more terrified – passengers or innocent locals on the roadside! Off to the night market later where some negotiating skills may need to be honed. Tomorrow, we cross the border into Cambodia where another harrowing history is due to unfold and the prospect of Anghor Wat is on the doorstep.

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Angela Walsh (Travelfox Cork) Philip Airey (Sunway) and Sharon Harney (Cassidy Travel)
Jacinta Mc Glynn (Travelbiz) Jackie Sheehan (Tropical Sky Cork) and Angela Walsh (Travelfox Cork)
Boats on the river
Tut Tut - on a Tuk Tuk!
Easy Rider? Philip Airey (Sunway)
Michael row the boat ashore! Alper Sean Hackett (Turkish Airlines)
David O'Hagan (Donabate Travel) and Sharon Harney (Cassidy Travel)
Vietnamese Boat people?
Elephant Ear Fish! David O'Hagan (Donabate Travel) Thomas O'Donoghue (Strand Travel) and Alper Sean Hackett (Turkish Airlines)
Leisurely lunch on the Mekong
Jacinta Mc Glynn (Travelbiz) Angela Walsh (Travelfox Cork) and Lynne Casey (Fahy Travel Galway)
At Lemon Grass Restaurant  Susan Hegarty (Travel Counsellors) Philip Airey (Sunway) Vietnamese staff John Grehan (Ireland Manager G Adventures) and Alper Sean Hackett (Sales & Marketing Turkish Airlines)
Misses Saigon! Jackie Sheehan (Tropical Sky Cork) Edel Flynn (Newbridge Travel) and Susan Hegarty (Travel Counsellors)
Boys will be boys!
The girls are putting on a show!
Jackie Sheehan (Tropical Sky Cork) John Grehan (Ireland Manager G Adventures) and Thomas O'Donoghue (Strand Travel)
Local Mekong boat
Local colour
Man at work! John Grehan (Ireland Manager G Adventures)
Visiting the locals!

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