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Travelbiz is discovering Madeira

2nd November 2019 - 10:30am

Old Town Funchal, Madeira

Old Town Funchal, Madeira

TAP Air Portugal has partnered with the Portuguese National Tourist Office hosting this media Fam trip to the island of Madeira with Travelbiz’s Declan Mescall (Features Editor Travelbiz) there to capture it.


The island of Madeira has breathtaking landscapes which range from the sea to the volcanic mountains and has a mild climate of between 25 degrees in summer to 17 degrees in winter. It was 25 degrees in the capital Funchal when Declan Mescall (Features Editor Travelbiz) visited in early October. The city is set in a beautiful bay with a natural amphitheatre shape and by day and night is charming, clean, quiet and safe and the Old Town has a labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets lined with excellent restaurants and lively bars. The island is 57km long and 22km wide which makes it very easy to explore using the excellent road network which comprises over 150 tunnels cut through the mountains. Madeira is known for its wine, Poncha, honey cake, sweet bananas, black scabbard fish and limpets and Travelbiz sampled each - in the interests of research of course!


Madeira offers a huge range of fun outdoor activities suitable for all ages and preferences. During Declan’s three day media Fam trip the group explored the mountains and forests when they walked and mountain-biked along some of the more than 3,000km of footpaths and man-made irrigation channels, called Levada; some went whale and dolphin watching, others hiked along the exhilarating coastal cliff paths and the adrenalin junkies threw themselves into the exciting challenge of canyoning and abseiling. These activities are only a brief sample of the extensive range of other activities available on land such as golf, horse riding, trail running, orienteering and rock climbing and at sea the popular activities include fishing, diving, surfing, bodyboarding, canoeing, sailing and windsurfing while in the air hang gliding and paragliding are high up in the flying sports category (get it?).


Madeira is an ideal holiday destination for all those who want to combine relaxation with physical activity, taking advantage of its mountains, ocean, Levada footpaths or simply looking for a new adventure.

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Old Town Funchal, Madeira
Anyone for Poncha?
Declan Mescall (Travelbiz) with Ricardo Dinis (TAP) in the Old Town Funchal, Madeira
Menu of some regional Poncha drinks
Old Town Funchal, Madeira
Stunning views of Madeira’s coastline
Adventure Time - Abseiling in Madeira
Above the Clouds - Madeira
Cliff Walking in Madeira
Walking the Levada footpaths

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