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Travelbiz checks out the Canary Islands with Falcon/Thomson

8th August 2017 - 3:05pm

Juliette Cullen gets Nicola Callaghan (Thomson Cabin Crew) to check her ticket

Juliette Cullen gets Nicola Callaghan (Thomson Cabin Crew) to check her ticket

Shane Cullen (Senior Reporter Travelbiz) reports:   A deciding factor of where a family chose to go on their summer holidays can be down to the flight time and distance, particularly with younger children.   Sometimes this can automatically strike the Canary Islands off the list but people should not discount these so quickly.   Given it’s only just over an hour in the air compared to southern Spain - you don’t notice the difference when you are being looked after by the fantastic Falcon and Thomson cabin crew.   Checking in baggage was hassle free with loads of check-in desks open, the queue was only 3 or 4 families long - ideal for parents keeping young kids entertained.   One of the many perks of staying in one of the Thomson/Falcon Family Life properties is that you get extra luggage allowance for each person (20kg rather than the standard 15kg).   This more than covers you for all the extra lotions and potions you need to bring for kids these days - just in case.

The flight crew onboard are very highly trained and a good portion of the crew has been with the airline for well over 10 years.   They are very patient, understanding, kind and helpful.   These guys have seen it all from toilet emergencies and nappy explosions to panic over preparing bottles to helping get tempers under control.   They have a seemingly natural instinct to keeping your kids calm that only comes with years of experience.   In one such situation, Juliette (my 4-year-old) got frightened when she flushed the toilet on the plane.   Tracey and Jose took her to the side and made sure she wasn't afraid and explained to her not to worry (they are equally good at calming grown up nervous fliers - my wife does not like being in the air and they gently calmed her after some mild turbulence).

After landing, collecting baggage and buggy, we were greeted by the TUI reps who guided us onto the TUI coaches.   First stop was the Orquidea, Bahia Feliz.   We arrived in less than 30 minutes, ready for the holiday to really begin.

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Juliette Cullen gets Nicola Callaghan (Thomson Cabin Crew) to check her ticket
Nicola Callaghan (Thomson Cabin Crew) with Juliette and Sophia Cullen at the Thomson check-in counter
Even at almost midnight the cabin crew and pilot of TOM1479 take the time out for a snap.
Tasty treats onboard for purchase
Just the TUI of us, Shane ( and Juliette Cullen check in at the Family Life Bahia Feliz Orquidea

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