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Travelbiz Personality Profile

6th September 2019 - 1:30pm

Alison Sheehan (The Travel Corporation)

Alison Sheehan (The Travel Corporation)

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Travelbiz meets Alison Sheehan (Sales, Social & Events Executive, The Travel Corporation).


Dog or Cat: Definitely dog, although I’m not a big animal fan (except for Giraffes) I do admire that dogs are always happy to see you, great at cheering you up and are very loyal.


Favourite sport: I’d have to say football, the GAA kind of course. Anyone who knows my Dad would know, it is important to follow in the family footsteps on this one. GAA has been a big part of my life from a young age and will continue to be once Dublin keep winning.


If you could invite three people to dinner (Dead or alive) who and why: Freddie Mercury, I think he had such an interesting life and Queen are one of my favourite bands. Chris Hemsworth, no reason needed for this one, just look him up! Audrey Hepburn, I find her so inspirational and someday I will have Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I’ve never….. I’ve never travelled anywhere on my own. I’ve always travelled with friends or family, even when I lived in Barcelona, I moved with a friend. Although it’s been great to have people to share my travelling experiences with it’s on my bucket list to travel somewhere solo.

I’ve always wanted to…..Appear in a Broadway musical. I have been involved with dance and drama for as long as I can remember. Before getting into travel and events, I studied drama performance. I’ve always loved performing and it has always been a dream of mine to perform on Broadway in New York (a destination that although I talk a lot about have never actually been).

Favourite Karaoke song: Whitney Houston, I have nothing. This is more of a carpool karaoke song as every car journey with me is a concert and I can’t actually sing that well, but I do give Whitney everything I have (even if I have nothing).


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