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Travelbiz Directory Diary 2018 – LAST CHANCE!

1st August 2017 - 10:35am

Thank you to all of you who responded to our request for updates to entries in the listings.

The deadline expires today, if you have not yet updated your entry please ensure you do so!

The 2018 edition will be distributed in December to all staff in travel companies in Ireland, North and South, as well as many airlines and travel companies  in the UK, USA, Europe and worldwide.

It is important that your company’s details are correct and if you have not already checked and updated your entry online or by email, please do so now.

You can check your entry CLICK HERE and if you need to correct or amend an entry due to a change of address, telephone number etc, you can do so online.

If you do not have a login you can request one CLICK HERE

Alternatively, if you prefer to do so by email, send the details to directory@travelbiz.i e and we will make the changes for you.

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