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Travelbiz Best of Luck to Andrew Morgan

9th October 2020 - 3:30pm

Andrew Morgan moves to new role

Andrew Morgan moves to new role


One of our valued trade partners and friend, Andrew Morgan, moves to a new role next week as the Pandemic closed the doors of his organisation, Unique Travel representation, which Travelbiz had the pleasure of sampling on some memorable trips. The highlight for me was our amazing Qatar Business class experience with Patrick McKinney and product on the ground with Andrew in Vietnam. The quality, service and professionalism Andrew and the team provided was amazing and it comes as no great surprise that Andrew will take up a new role this week which we will appear in our updates.

On behalf of all of our readers and followers who had the pleasure of dealing with you Andrew, I would like to wish you the very best of luck and thanks for sharing so many great memories with Travelbiz.

“Sometimes reinvention is a necessary and made a bit easier with a track record of dedication and service in all that you do, which you will continue to deliver in your new role”.

Don Shearer

MD &Publisher

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Andrew Morgan moves to new role
Qatar Business class to Vietnam simply amazing.
Qatar Business class to Vietnam simply amazing.

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