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Travelbiz Acquires Travelfinders

22nd December 2022 - 3:00pm

Peter O’Hanlon (MD Travelfinders) and Don Shearer (MD Travelbiz)

Peter O’Hanlon (MD Travelfinders) and Don Shearer (MD Travelbiz)

On the 12th of May 2022 we announced the acquisition of Travelfinders.


Don Shearer is delighted to announce that Travelbiz Ltd has acquired Travelfinders, Ireland’s leading consumer focused portal with the largest active database of Irish holidaymakers and subscribers. Travelfinders was established in 1993 by Peter O’Hanlon promoting and supporting the wholesale and retail travel trade sector at home and abroad, along with local and international hotel partners.


Don Shearer and Peter O’Hanlon have worked together in the travel industry supporting each other in various roles for over 30 years. This meeting of minds and acquisition is a result of a very strong business and personal relationship that has grown out of a mutual respect for what they have both achieved, establishing the largest and most followed trade and consumer focused brands in Ireland.


The acquisition positions the Travelbiz group as the largest and single biggest provider of trade and consumer focused coverage in Ireland via an unrivalled reach supporting trade partners at home and abroad seeking real leverage in the Irish Market. The group will also be launching a number of new products and collaborations over the coming months as part of their expansion into the corporate and business travel sector.


Peter will be heading up a new sales division along with the Travelfinders team and will be working with Don and the Travelbiz team as part of the expansion and business development of the group.

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