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TravelbizTV - Talks with the Trade, Episode 2

1st May 2020 - 11:30am


In the second episode of TravelbizTV’s Talks with the Trade series, we interview Dominic Burke (Travel Centres) and Martina Coogan (United Airlines) as we keep our community connected during this very difficult time.


First up is Dominic Burke of Travel Centres. Dominic shares discipline while working from home, his view on agents and customers from around the country. He also touches on liquidity and government action as well as online support for Travel Centres including popular virtual town halls and twice-weekly webinars.


Speaking to Travelbiz, Dominic shares his thoughts on staying connected “It’s important at times like this you feel that you’re not alone, that other people are in the same boat as you”. He adds for us to “collectively be cheerleaders for one another to keep each other’s spirits up”.


Next is high flyer, Martina Coogan who explains the work behind the scenes including free flights for medical workers in the US, cargo flights delivering crucial cargo and Ireland’s part in this including daily flights from Ireland to Washington to deliver medical and pharma goods. Speaking of United Airlines #goingtheextramile, Martina commented, “It’s an honour for us to have these medical workers with us”.


She shares an insight to home life, her obvious flair for interior design and relationship advice specific to those of us in travel. Shane and Martina delve into the delicate world of married names and share in-law stories. Watch to find out more!


Continuing with social distancing rules, we chat over Zoom, so let’s stay connected.

As we all fight through this together, stay safe and stay well.

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