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Travel Centres - Hollywood Glitz & Glam

30th November 2019 - 10:30am

Don Shearer (Travelbiz) and Bernie Burke (Travel Centres)

Don Shearer (Travelbiz) and Bernie Burke (Travel Centres)

Hollywood Glamour was the theme of Travel Centres 2019 Conference at Killashee Hotel. There were sequins, feathers, scarlet lipstick, white suits and stilettos to beat the band. Dermot Merrigan gave the entertainment a run for its money with a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody and Colin Farrell was sighted on the dance floor. Even Spidey made an appearance (thanks to Jason ‘Parker’ from Blue Insurance).


The evening began with the pre-pre drinks with Princess Cruises serving up cocktails after the workshop. The pre-drinks were courtesy of Travelport with a champagne and wine reception for agents and suppliers. The glitz and glamour of the attendees were matched by a spectacular setting with white trees forming centrepieces and a singer serenading diners at their table while enjoying a fantastic evening meal. Dominic and the Travel Centres team, once again, outdid themselves.

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Don Shearer (Travelbiz) and Bernie Burke (Travel Centres)
Shannon O’Dowd (Etihad) with the gang from Marble City Travel
Platinum ladies
Sunway with the gang from MSC, Royal Caribbean and Etihad
Rebecca and Matt (Princess Cruises) looking very Hollywood glam
Craig getting into the swing of things
The trade all looking fab
Rionna (Travelport) and Jocelyn (Travel Centres) sparkling and stylish
Air Canada getting photobombed
The lads
The Royal ladies
A little bit of Magic
Aoife Gregg (United) and Lee Osborne (BookaBed)
John Booty (Wendy Wu Tours) and Karen Whyte (Classic Resorts)
The trade looking very glamorous
Douglas Travel looking divine
Paul King-Nolan (APG) and Catherine Grennell-Whyte (ATTS)
Pat Dawson (ITTA) in very good company
Ian Manto (Harvey Travel) and Dominic Burke (Travel Centres)
Suzanne Rowe and Alana Byrne (both MSC Cruises)
The lovely Celine Buckley and Graham Hennessy (DoSomethingDifferent)
Brilliant entertainment as always at Travel Centres
Under no pressure - Ferry Mercury doing his award-winning thing.
Smiles all round

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