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Take to the Seas - Irish Ferries & Brittany Ferries Return

3rd July 2020 - 5:05pm

Irish Ferries launches new campaign “When it’s time, a safer way to get away”

Irish Ferries launches new campaign “When it’s time, a safer way to get away”


Irish Ferries launches new campaign “When it’s time, a Safer way to get Away”

Irish Ferries unveils a Safer Way to Get Away with new measures to deliver enhanced safety for passengers and crew to help holidaymakers get away when it’s time.


Irish Ferries says that ferry travel provides an already unique experience where passengers can avail of the unique benefit of enjoying clean fresh sea air and unbeatable views on outer decks, with ventilation and air conditioning systems onboard also using 100% fresh air.


Irish Ferries has introduced in-car check-in. Where passport checks are in operation, passengers are asked to hold up passports from their car for review, limiting contact with staff. Onboard with Irish Ferries, passengers can sail in space, with plenty of room inside, with clear marking and signage, easily allowing for social distancing. There is ample seating and the option of private cabin accommodation on cruise ferry services to both Britain and France. Irish Ferries has also increased the frequency of onboard cleaning routines. There will be intensified sanitation and disinfection of all common touchpoints throughout ships.  Each cabin is cleaned thoroughly after use, with a special device that eliminates viruses and other air and surface contaminants. This device is used in “Clean Room Technology” throughout the pharmaceutical sector and in some hospitals.


To further enhance safety, Irish Ferries has amended its food and beverage services on board, in its cafes, restaurants and in-room dining. And there are new protocols in place in public areas with crew and staff that are in direct contact with passengers wearing masks and gloves, and plexiglass at all till points. Hand sanitiser stations are widely available and cinemas, bars, shopping, Club Class lounges and kids soft play areas have been closed for now. Video on Demand is available in all cabins on the France service.


Irish Ferries are advising passengers to bring face masks or face covering when travelling and to wear a face-covering when moving around public spaces. These are now mandatory by French authorities when travelling to France.


Irish Ferries offers a safer way to get away, when the time is right and looks forward to welcoming passengers back onboard again soon.


Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries returned to scheduled passenger services with 5 ships having returned on 29 June. A further 3 ships covering 4 routes will re-open in July. The safety of passengers, freight drivers and crew has been the top priority for Brittany Ferries. As such, passenger capacity will be limited, will be ship dependent, and will be under review. Services connecting France and the UK will be limited to 550 passengers from 29 June, a capacity reduction of 60%+ and will apply until mid-July at the earliest.


On all vessels, there are new measures that go above and beyond compliance with statutory guidance in countries served by the company. In addition, Brittany Ferries has drawn-up a 12-point guide to safe travel as part of their Together & Protected campaign and is designed to inform, reassure and prepare those thinking about ferry travel or going on holiday. Other measures defined by Brittany Ferries chief doctor are in place, including crew training and a dedicated nurse on all sailings.


All measures are already well practised. From late March to May, the company has been carrying only essential freight. This has allowed it to implement, practise and fine-tune measures on board working with lorry drivers. Brittany Ferries would like to thank all crew for adapting quickly and to drivers, carrying cargos such as fresh food and medicines, for their understanding and compliance with strict measures imposed during the worst of the crisis.


Christophe Mathieu (CEO Brittany Ferries) said: “We are very much looking forward to welcoming holidaymakers back… Our job now is to reassure passengers that ferries are open for business and that travel by sea is the safest way to enjoy an international holiday. It won’t be quite the same... However, it will still be a relaxing sea bridge to take you to the beautiful destinations you have been dreaming of during lockdown”.


Ferry travel lends itself well to social distancing by virtue of open deck areas, wide public spaces and comfortable cabins. Brittany Ferries passengers can board and alight in the safety and comfort of their own car. When directed by a member of the crew, they head straight for an en-suite cabin and may choose to spend the entire journey in their own space on board. Crew will let them know when it is time to leave their cabin and re-join their vehicle, with staggered disembarkation to avoid queues in stairwells or lifts.

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Irish Ferries launches new campaign “When it’s time, a safer way to get away”
Sailing safely with Brittany Ferries
Brittany Ferries returned to scheduled passenger services with 5 ships having returned on 29 June

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