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18th June 2021 - 4:30pm

Captain Olwen McKinney invites you to Druids Glen 07th July ‘Fore’! some golf and craic

Captain Olwen McKinney invites you to Druids Glen 07th July ‘Fore’! some golf and craic


On behalf of Captain Olwen, now our longest ever serving TIGS Captain, stretching all the way back to 2019 BC (Before Covid), we're absolutely delighted to finally be in a position to look at arranging a TIGS outing!


Firstly, it's news to no one that this pandemic has had a devastating effect on our industry - commercially, professionally and personally.  In this regard, the unbelievable resolve shown by all of our colleagues in such trying times simply cannot be overstated.


However, we can't deny that we've felt a little tingle of excitement recently, as our agencies and businesses opened back up to customer interest.  Yes, it may be limited at the moment, but remember that every great river was once just a tiny trickle!  Here's hoping the holiday floodgates will open back up real soon and our travel & tourism business flows freely once again.


SO! One thing we've all sorely missed!  The social element of the trade!  Who's up for a round of golf, a good aul natter and a bitta craic?!!


Now that the climate allows, we're beyond excited to announce a long awaited TIGS golf outing, and what a cracker it is too!



DATE:  7th July, 2021.

TIMES:  1100 - 1300hrs.

 SUBSIDISED COST: €70 per member.


More info can be found HERE.


Format etc has yet to be decided.  Also given the circumstances, dining options will be advised at a later date, with both indoor and outdoor options being explored.

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