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South Africa Tourism Competition Winners

21st February 2020 - 1:00pm

Linda Magill (Cassidy Travel) won the first spot with her hilarious poem

Linda Magill (Cassidy Travel) won the first spot with her hilarious poem

Inspire Us to Send You to South Africa - Day 1, 2, 3 and 4!


Travelbiz has come together with South African Tourism to offer five places on a five-star Fam trip.


The eight-night adventure departs Ireland on 18th March*, returning 26th March* (*provisional dates). Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Winelands are included on the itinerary, along with Safari activities and a luxurious journey on board the ultra-luxurious and iconic Blue Train - described as a “magnificent moving five-star hotel”. South Africa is a must on anyone’s bucket list and once you’ve been, you’ll want to go back again and again!


For a chance to get one of five spaces on this five-star fam trip, we asked the trade to send in their five reasons why they are the perfect 5-Star Fam Trip Traveller to South Africa! Whether it’s their rhyming, photo humour or an opportunity to fulfil a dream, there have been dozens and dozens of entries to the competition “Inspiring New Ways - South Africa”.


Linda Magill (Cassidy Travel) won the first spot with her hilarious poem:

“I long to see South Africa and feel its hot and burning sun.

I’m a very experienced traveller who always brings the fun.

I want to try the food and wine they’ll surely be divine,

But promise not to drink too much and I’ll always be on time.

I’d love to see the animals and learn little too, even if I have to stand the stinky smell of poo.

I want to know this beautiful land its culture and people it’s true,

So when I return to my Homeland where all you hear is moo,

I can inspire people and to what the BEST travel agents do.”


Congratulations to the second winner Bruce Cairns (Travel Counsellor) with his brilliant set of photographs to accompany his 5 reasons:

  • 1. I’m good with animals (for the safari)
  • 2. I travel well in any vehicle
  • 3. I’m good with wine (for the Winelands)
  • 4. I mix well with the locals
  • 5. I’m short and don’t take up a lot of room



The third place went to Fiona Ryan (Limerick Travel). Forget 5 reasons, she has 50! Along with a chance to tick a destination off a bucket list after such a difficult year - this was an easy winner!

Firstly, I have wanted to go to South Africa for as long as I can remember and having to sell and send my clients there both excites me and drives me bonkers (very frustrating). The worst is when they ask me the big question…”have you been there yourself”…….. I cannot lie. Please put me out of my misery so I don’t have to lie!!!

Secondly, having attended a fabulous information night with [South African Tourism] where we showed them the bright lights of Limerick, they cordially invited me to South Africa anytime, I really do feel NOW is the time.

Thirdly, my suitcase is packed with my luggage labels attached, destination SOUTH AFRICA……..plenty of Rand in there for the lovely South African Wine!!!!! I’m a classy bird lol.

Fourthly, it was my husband’s plan to treat me to see the BIG 5 for my BIG 50, I turned 50 last month, unfortunately, he passed away last June after a short battle with cancer, so maybe this is a sign that I should still do this xx.

Finally, did I mention my passport is valid and in date and ready to be used at any time??????????????"



Blaithin MacHale Oroko (Tailored Travel) was the fourth winner giving train anoraks a whole new look with an impressive blog, ideal to add real life experience of the Blue Train in South Africa. As the Irish know all too well, tea bags are as important as passport so best of luck to Blaithin as she ventures beyond Europe and send us a photo or two (of you on the train, not in the bath!!!!).

Here are her five reasons:

  1. I never travel without Barry’s Tea, so I am guaranteed to be popular with the other winners
  2. I am new to the travel business so need to gain as much travel experience as possible
  3. I have never been outside of Europe and I would love to stop my colleagues slagging me about it
  4. I wrote this blog about luxury trains and I’d only love to add the blue train to it….only if I can see it for myself of course!
  5. I am an avid fan of baths and it is my life goal to take a bath on every continent

Bonus reason: I’ve never won a competition before!!!!

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Linda Magill (Cassidy Travel) won the first spot with her hilarious poem
TC Bruce Cairns is - 1 Good with animals (for the safari)
TC Bruce Cairns - 2 Travels well in any vehicle
TC Bruce Cairns is - 3 Good with wine (for the Winelands)
TC Bruce Cairns - 4 Mixes well with the locals
TC Bruce Cairns is - 5 Short and doesn't take up a lot of room
Third winner Fiona Ryan (Limerick Travel)

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