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COVID-19 Trade Update Page

Malta’s Webinar Series

1st May 2020 - 12:30pm


“Keep the Faith, Stay Strong, Bright Days Shall Return

We’ll Make Beautiful Memories Again

Travel Shall Heal Our Hearts

Malta is Waiting to Welcome You”

The Malta Tourism Authority launches a series of webinars for the trade to provide inside knowledge and top tips to promote the Maltese Islands for travel once the COVID-19 situation has passed.


The webinars will focus on eight specific themes and will run twice a month on a Thursday at 10am, starting 14 May until Dec. The topics include: an overview of the Maltese Islands; Adventure; Scuba Diving; Wellness; Luxury; Gastronomy; History and Weddings. There will be a guide of the main attractions and Q&A’s with suppliers.


To participate in the series, register HERE

Mimi Visheva, Trade Trainer, UK & Ire. said: “We have worked hard and quickly to produce this series of webinars in order to provide members of the trade with information they may need to promote Malta as we emerge from the COVID-19 situation. The webinars will focus on some of the areas that we believe will appeal to the post COVID-19 traveller... once it is safe to travel “.


Tolene van der Merwe, MTA Director UK & Ire. said: “Malta has taken swift action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result the WHO described Malta as a ‘country to follow’ and praised the measures introduced there to fight the spread of the virus. In fact, Malta has reached the position of no new cases of COVID-19. While Malta International Airport is currently closed until the end of May, we are looking forward to the time when it is safe to once again welcome visitors from Ireland to Malta”.


Ahead of the webinar series, be inspired by Malta’s visually beautiful and wonderfully uplifting video of this stunning island, reminding us how much we love to travel. Take a minute to enjoy and imagine or remember ‘Dream Malta Now, Visit Later’.

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