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MSC Launch Sales Connect ‘A world of Discovery’ with Travelbiz

12th February 2021 - 2:00pm

Don Shearer (Travelbiz) talks to Steve Williams (Director of Sales MSC Cruises UK and Ireland) and Suzanne Rowe (Head of Sales Ireland)

Don Shearer (Travelbiz) talks to Steve Williams (Director of Sales MSC Cruises UK and Ireland) and Suzanne Rowe (Head of Sales Ireland)


Don Shearer (Travelbiz) Talks to Steve Williams (Director of Sales MSC Cruises UK and Ireland) and Suzanne Rowe (Head of Sales Ireland).


Exclusive Launch of Sales Connect ‘A world of Discovery’. Trade focused initiative.


I had the great pleasure to catch up with Steve and Suzanne from MSC Cruises this week and get a view on all things MSC in the Irish Market. The theme was loud and clear ‘STAY CONNECTED’.


It’s certainly good to talk and Steve took the opportunity to unveil MSC’S new initiative to make it even easier to talk to their on the road sales team with today’s launch of their sales connect ‘A world of Discovery’ trade focused initiative.


This all-new trade sales team initiative will enable you and your sales team to book a personal virtual visit with our MSC regional sales team both for the UK and Ireland online.


It will allow you to choose a date and time that suits you.  Meetings can be tailored to the information you require and the questions you have.


Learn more about MSC will include Health & Safety protocols, latest benefits of future cruise credits, product training, current promotions and offers, business development planning such as virtual events with consumers and group opportunities. Appointments are available Tuesday to Friday 0930 to 1700.


You can book a catch up today, grab yourself a coffee and talk about everything MSC, we have so much exciting and positive news we just cannot wait to share with you.  Appointments are released oe week in advance. Click HERE for MSC SALES CONNECT.    Ireland sales team bookings (Erica, Alana and Suzanne).


This is a great initiative and will certainly help trade partners to avail all the opportunities to actively promote and encourage bookings for 2021/22 and beyond.


Steve and Suzanne are reporting a high level of trade activity for Winter 2021/22 and summer 2022 bookings with the Caribbean, Dubai and Barbados proving to be the star performers. The guys also stressed the importance of remembering that MSC have all the flexibility required in their booking conditions to ensure a client can change up to 21 days pre departure and a sail with confidence guarantee meaning your clients booking is safe in these ever-changing times. Summer 2021 is going to come late, but it will happen and MSC are determined to encourage all bookings given the high degree of flexibility and options to change if the situation arises.


MSC have already welcomed over 35,000 passengers on current departures from Italy limited to Schengen countries. They have clearly demonstrated that their safety protocols and procedures work and there is a clear path to a resumption of a full schedule for 2021.


Suzanne and the team can talk you through all they have achieved and when our restrictions are lifted how you can use this information to encourage clients to sail with confidence with MSC.


Steve, Suzanne, Alana and Erica would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your amazing support and look forward to booking your virtual sales call and seeing you in their very popular weekly webinars. 

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