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Luge, laughs and more breath taking landscape from Alberta

3rd November 2018 - 12:50pm

Anne Marie Nolan masters the Luge

Anne Marie Nolan masters the Luge

ravelbiz reports from the Rocky Mountaineer Travel Counsellors, British Airways, American Airlines and Alberta Tourism Rocky Mountaineer 2018 Fam

Our Rocky Mountaineer group make their way from Calgary to Banff in majestic Alberta.

Don Shearer ( and fellow Luge experts (Maybe not) including Tara Magee (British Airways), Bernie Whelan (Travel Counsellors), Sarah Revell (Rocky Mountaineer), Robert Kiernan, Simon Armstrong, Rachel Higgins, Ann Marie Nolan Sarah Appleton, Nadine Farrelly (All Travel Counsellors). The group experience the thrills of the Luge in the Sport Hall of Fame and centre of excellence for Canada’s elite winter sport athletes (which now includes our group) before making their way to Banff to stay in the Brewster’s Mountain Lodge. Next Stop Banff and the Rocky Mountaineer

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Anne Marie Nolan masters the Luge
Sarah sets the fastest time
See you Bernie, going the wrong way
Rob falls off before he starts
Travel Counsellors Love Banff National Park
Banff National Park
Stay away from the Horses Nadine please
Banff National Park
More of the amazing Rockies
Emerald Lake is a must stay on any trip to Banff National Park

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