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Jacinta’s Etihad Airways Experience

28th July 2018 - 2:15pm

Jacinta’s Etihad Business Class Experience

Jacinta’s Etihad Business Class Experience

Established in 2003, Etihad Airways is truly a flag bearer for carriers in the Middle East. Based in the go-ahead city of Abu Dhabi near Abu Dhabi International Airport, Etihad Airways is an important entity in this rapidly expanding area and is the national carrier for United Arab Emirates. Not just a passenger carrier, Etihad is heavily involved in cargo operations, founded Etihad Holidays and employs over 20.000 staff worldwide. The transportation of passengers is its mainstay and the carrier operates in excess of 1.100 flights per week. With an iconic slogan of: From Abu Dhabi to the World, it does what it says on the tin!


Using Abu Dhabi as its hub, Etihad literally take its slogan seriously as the network is worldwide and the airline serves countries as disparate as Australia and the Emerald Isle! A very professional outfit, Etihad Airways means business and, from start to finish, a trip on an Etihad aircraft is a pleasure.


The Etihad experience in general is one of excellence; however, the Business Class experience is clearly a step further. Private “pods” stretching into flat beds, cosy blankets, soft pillows, high class entertainment centres and ultra-pampering service, this is surely the way to travel.


Etihad staff both on the ground and on board are extremely well trained. Courtesy is a hallmark of Etihad service and the staff demonstrate this at every turn. A smile is never far from their lips and, without being obsequious, the service is simply of a standard that one expects from such a high class product. Etihad staff, take a bow.


The aircraft livery is very distinctive and classic in its black and gold colourways and the emblazoned tails are easy to spot on the airport aprons. Staff are similarly kitted and smartly turned out and the uniform is worn with pride and is very up to date and a la mode. Passengers on board benefit from comfortable seats with generous pitch and width. The entertainment is right on the button with the latest movies, box sets, modern TV shows, comedy channels and music to suit every taste.


My personal experience in Business Class was exceptional. The moment one is greeted at reception of the Miracle Lounge, it’s obvious that a special encounter is on the cards. The Miracle Lounge in Abu Dhabi airport is spacious, cool and comfortable. The buffet is generous and fresh with delicious local specialities and international dishes. Good quality teas, coffees and cold beverages are always on hand and there is a wide range of alcoholic drinks, if one is so inclined! Good seating and excellent WiFi means the traveller is constantly connected to business and leisure options. The world is at one’s fingertips.


The guest is constantly at the heart of an Etihad experience and the professionalism of Karen Moloney and Shannon O’Dowd in Ireland ensure Irish guests benefit from everything Etihad offers. The combination of Arabian hospitality, warmth and super service is certainly in keeping with the overall vision of connecting the globe with Abu Dhabi. The slogan is apt indeed: From Abu Dhabi to the World.

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Jacinta’s Etihad Business Class Experience
Jacinta’s Etihad Business Class Experience
Jacinta’s Etihad Business Class Experience
Jacinta’s Etihad Business Class Experience
Jacinta’s Etihad Business Class Experience

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