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Itinerary Builder – Create your passenger’s hotel voucher

12th October 2018 - 12:36pm

Itinerary Builder provides you a copy of their Expedia booked Hotel itineraries with customised information. In Itinerary Builder you can update or edit fields such as:

  1. Edit Header: Input up to 5 lines of specific details including Agency Name, Address and Phone Number.
  2. Hotels: Except the basic booking information such as Travel Dates, Hotel Name, Check In/Out, Hotel Address, Hotel Phone Number, Room Information and Traveller Names, you can choose to show or hide Cancel/Change Rules, Late Arrival Instructions, Check-In Policy and Special Check-In Instructions. If you do not see specific information that you want included from your Itinerary on Expedia. Use the ‘Add Hotel Info’ option to include custom details for your travellers.
  3. Price: Show or hide Price Section in the itinerary.
  4. Export: Export your Itinerary into PDF/RTF/Docx format to print directly.

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