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Intrepid Travel & Finnair Fam - Beijing, Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City

13th October 2017 - 11:30am

Padraig Keogh (PK Travel) and Catherine Grennell-Whyte (Finnair GSA Ireland) having a quacking good time!

Padraig Keogh (PK Travel) and Catherine Grennell-Whyte (Finnair GSA Ireland) having a quacking good time!

After touching down in Beijing, the adventure began. The group’s tour guide, Jay from Intrepid, was waiting to welcome everyone at the international airport. The tour guide says with the holidaymakers for the whole trip. A 45-minute transfer transported the travellers to their new home for the next 2 nights, Phoenix Suyuan Hotel. This leaves the party close to the first of many iconic sights, Tiananmen Square, Beijing. It is one of the largest squares in the world. It has made its mark in history more than once and while most familiar to my generation for the events in 1989, it is also the birthplace of the Republic of China. Tiananmen means Gates of Heavenly Peace and the gates to the north of the square lead to the Forbidden City.


The square itself is surrounded by stark industrial buildings and imposing, impressive monuments with intermittent Chinese design in the roofs and on the buildings, highlighting the native influence. A short stroll brought the group to the Forbidden City where personal guide, Jay, explained the significance and history of the Chinese imperial palace which reigned for almost 500 years, from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty (1420 to 1912). Now the Palace Museum, this is the heart of Beijing, China - it is breathtaking. Beside the Forbidden City, is Jingshan Park, formerly a private garden of the Imperial Palace, it was opened to the public almost a century ago. Immaculate gardens with beautiful traditional buildings and monuments provide a time to reflect and relax. 

With so much to witness, the opportunity to soak up the significance of historical events that played out at each of these sites or merely to enjoy the architectural and nature’s beauty, it is a trip of a lifetime and this is just the start.

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Padraig Keogh (PK Travel) and Catherine Grennell-Whyte (Finnair GSA Ireland) having a quacking good time!
The gang outside Tiananmen Square
Inside Tiananmen Square
Sarah McCarthy (Travel Counsellors), Anthony Efinda (Club Travel) and Gina Smyth (Best4Travel) at Tiananmen Square
The gang at the Forbidden City
The lads!
Stunning architecture in the Forbidden City
The Forbidden Selfie - Anthony Efinda (Club Travel)
Jay (Our Intrepid Guide), Brendan White (Tropical Sky) and John McGurk (Intrepid Travel)
Catherine Grennell-Whyte (Finnair GSA Ireland) and Anthony Efinda (Club Travel) at the Imperial Garden in the Forbidden City
Jingshan Park
Picture proof that Shane Cullen ( made it to the very top of Jingshan Park overlooking Tiananmen Square

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