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Happy Birthday Declan Power

1st August 2020 - 9:30am

Happy Birthday Declan Power!

Happy Birthday Declan Power!


Don Shearer, Niall Mc Donnell, Brian Nevin, Dermot Merrigan, Peter O’Hanlon, Alan Sparling and Clem Walshe surprised Declan Power to a great day’s golf followed by a few medium-dry sherries and fine dining to celebrate Declan’s ‘Roundy Birthday’ a week ahead of schedule in keeping with all things Shannon Airport.

It was a great day, the sun was shining, the golf was great and the black stuff was even greater. The guys presented Declan with a selection of gifts that reflected the 30 years of our friendship and support from one of our Industry favourites. Gifts ranged from booster seats, hot water bottles, subscriptions to National Geographic (Not), step assists, mugs, alarm clocks and Shannon Airport paper bags.

As we have all cocooned ourselves over the past four months, dealing with lock downs, lock ins, social distancing, new health and safety protocols and not doing what we do best with all things travel related; it’s so important to make the time to reconnect, laugh, share your thoughts and make the time to be with your friends. It’s not the vaccine that we all need right now, but it sure is great medicine.

Happy Birthday Mr Declan Power and thanks for 30 plus years of great friendship, support, laughs, tears, beers, hangovers, stories and Mc Donald’s. It’s a difference we all enjoy!!!!

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