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HOPE Is the best 4 letter word of the year

5th February 2021 - 12:00pm

HOPE Is the best 4 letter word of the year

HOPE Is the best 4 letter word of the year

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It was a dark, wet and very dull morning as I catching up on our Travelbiz news feeds when I was reminded of a recent interview I heard on RTE where Dr Keith Gaynor, who works as a senior clinical psychologist in the Outpatient Department of St John of God Hospital, spoke about mental health and how it’s so important that we focus on hope with four key themes. Everything he spoke about resonated with me and what I personally set out to do when this pandemic gripped our industry last year. He focused on four key areas which I have been using in both my personal and business life to stay positive and ensure all around me do the same. I hope you like my acronym and please feel free to use and share.


The four areas or themes to focus on are;

Resilience, Solidarity, Creativity and Community.


We in our industry are the most resilient which has been tested time after time, we always bounce back stronger than ever.

Our solidarity is mirrored in all that we do and how we support one another #Traveltradetogether.

Our creativity is unrivalled in our all-new virtual world and this will form the platform for a bounce back we can all share. 

Our community spirit is stronger than ever and will help us all get through this. Travel Trade Together.


We struggle when we cannot plan which I have made reference to since the start of the year. This will be our biggest challenge with none of our traditional booking patterns, enquiries, trade shows and endless events all over the country to look forward to.  We must make sure we remain hopeful and make the days count. As we roll out our desktop diaries ( please use your copy to make a positive entry every day. Record a friendly chat with a pal or family member, a walk, a song that made you smile on the radio, a Travelbiz update with me or simply reading this today.


We will get through this and never lose HOPE.



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